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The Indian Business & Professional Group Abu Dhabi invites applications to join the IBPG as either an Corporate Member or Individual member.
  • Corporate Members

    Corporate membership is open to Indian Corporates based in UAE, Indian Corporates outside UAE (if they have a base in UAE) and Non-Indian Corporates in UAE (if they have a base in India). Corporate membership fees is AED 10,000/- which entitles 5 individuals from the corporate member for membership benefits.

    Corporate Membership criteria is as follows

    • Indian Corporates based in UAE
    • Indian Corporates outside UAE (if they have a base in UAE)
    • Non Indian Corporates in UAE (if they have a base in India)

    Documents Required:

    • Valid Trade License Copy
    • Company Logo
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    Individual Members

    Individual membership is open for residents of UAE,who are of Indian origin and have own business or are professionally employed. This membership is for one individual with full member benefits. Individual membership fees is AED 500.

    Individual Membership criteria is as follows. Applicant must be

    • of Indian origin
    • resident of U.A.E
    • have own business or professionally employed

    Documents Required:

    • Valid Passport Copy
    • Valid Emirates ID Copy
    • Member Photo
    Apply For Individual Membership

The membership fees as stated above for Corporate Membership and Individual Membership are valid till December 31, 2024. The membership fees include attendance at regular events of IBPG, unless specifically mentioned in the event communication

About IBPG

The Indian Business and Professional Group (IBPG) was established in 1991 to promote development of commerce and investment between India and Abu Dhabi. IBPG is one of the 37 Business Groups in Abu Dhabi registered with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce

Since its inception, IBPG has developed the reputation of being a facilitator of businesses across a broad spectrum of Indian industries which are thriving now in Abu Dhabi

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